Back To School Anxiety & How Homeopathy Can Help

With the opening of schools imminent along comes the usual dread that many of our children can face. Having dealt with this first hand with my own kids, I have learnt that back to school anxiety can show up in a variety of different ways. From tummy aches, to difficulty sleeping, going back to school after lock down, anxieties may now be more pronounced than ever.

In addition to the ‘normal’ worries our children may have harboured before, add to this the pressures of lock down , social distancing, isolation , fear of contagion, claustrophobia, wearing a mask, excessive cleaning, the list goes on!

Upon doing some research I am sad to say I wasn’t surprised to learn the current statistics about children’s mental health in this country. The most recent survey of mental health of children and young children in England in 2017, found that 12.5% of 5-19 yrs old had at least one mental disorder. Whereas CAMHs identify that at least 1 in 8 children / young person has a diagnosable health condition with emotional disorders like anxiety and depression rising. (Note: These are figures before lock down)

What is classed as anxiety?
General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) may manifest as any of the following:
Exaggerated worry, tension although provoked by little or nothing; Anxious thoughts of just getting through the day; Frequent excessive worry about health , money , family , work.
There can be physical symptoms of fatigue , headaches, muscle ache/ tension, trembling , twitching , difficulty swallowing , light headed, shortness of breath , nausea , frequent need to go to toilet. Also an inability to relax; Startling more easily than other people; Difficulty concentrating; trouble falling or staying asleep.

How can homeopathy help?
I have seen many cases of children experiencing preschool anxiety, and homeopathy remedies have been a god send to both parents and child. Homeopathy is an individualised form of medicine that works with re-balancing and supporting the body. The symptoms or feelings someone experiences are key to finding the best remedy to help. The homeopathic remedy starts the healing process and it is in fact your body that heals itself.

Here are four top remedies that I often prescribe:
Lycopodium – Deep down these children are often insecure & apprehensive. They can be anxious about new events / situations where they are not in control which makes them feel inadequate. This leads to them becoming irritable and demanding with those they are familiar with like family members . The sense of being bossy at home and a shy mouse at school is the kind of association with this remedy . They are easily embarrassed & will be concerned with what others think of them. Often grumpy until they have had breakfast & will usually have an energy dip around 4pm.

A real sense of fright and fear is felt by the child. Almost a sense of terror and a state of shock and unreasonable fears. Panic attacks in a crowded place or narrow places are common place for those needing Aconite. There is a real anticipatory worry before an event such as exams, dentists/ hospital visits. Aconite is the top remedy for panic attacks. Physically the symptoms will present themselves as anything that comes on suddenly .

Here you may see a child that needs company, and often gets quite anxious at being left alone. They may be worried about becoming ill, having bad health. There is a sense of restlessness, a difficulty to relax and stay in bed. These children may show a tendency to obsess for things needing to be in order and generally being fastidious in nature.

Argent Nit
This is the biggest remedy for anticipatory anxiety . Children that will often worry before any event, such as starting school, exams, dentists etc. They constantly worry they will not perform well & will fall to pieces. Here the thoughts of ‘what if ‘ are strong. They will often have many fears and phobias, often suffering with ‘nervous’ diarrhoea from anxiety.

Case example
Before lock down I consulted mum for her 10 year old daughter who was finding school increasingly challenging . Mum had grown concerned about the sadness and worry her daughter was feeling on a daily basis before school. Mum reported her daughter would often be in tears and trembling on bad days. In particular her daughter was worse during assembly and reading time. The young girl would often feel nauseous with tummy ache and a sense of panic and nausea.
Upon chatting further, both mum & child had noticed this had progressively got worse since the child changed school mid year. The change was difficult for the child and she still carried a sense of sadness.
I started the child on a remedy called Argent Nit, which helped with feelings of worry and anticipation. This helped for a while but the underlying root cause (aetiology ) of grief and sadness since she left her old school needed addressing. Old feelings of trauma and grief stay in our body’s memory on a cellular level and can disrupt us for years to come . Because Homeopathy can address at this level it can clear old traumas allowing the body to heal and free itself of old unhealthy feelings.
To address this, a remedy called Ignatia was given to help lift the grief and sadness she felt a few years ago. After a few weeks mum noticed a huge improvement in her child’s general well being and a lessening of all the previous symptoms

Now is the time to be mindful with what concerns your children may have associated with returning back to school. There are many ways to help our children with Homeopathy offering support for emotional feelings and any underlying worries they may have. The individual symptoms that your child experiences are unique to them and they are vitally important in finding the right homeopathy remedy that will make a difference.

So whether your child experiences tummy aches, sleeping difficulties, feelings of panic and worry, pre-school anxiety can be helped.

Comment below if you have any questions about your child OR get in touch to have a chat with me at https://charnbadhanhomeopathy.co.uk/

Disclaimer: As a Homeopath I do not claim to treat/cure any illnesses. I work with a patient’s symptoms to match the appropriate remedy with the intention to bring about improvement to one’s health.

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