Every BODY feels.

I love this artwork by @Keeley Shaw. It’s such an expressive look at how we all can feel at times. So here’s an interesting look at how every BODY feels.  

How you feel is a question I will always ask my patients and it may seem such an obvious one but it is of such importance to homeopaths. We are amazing human beings, with amazing parts of our body that work synergistically as a whole. There is no ‘part’ of us, we are whole beings and our physical and mental well being is always connected.   

When we experience unsettling feelings that hang around for too long we can become unbalanced, causing a sense of dis-ease.  Our bodies are clever enough to know something’s wrong and will soon start sending us signals to implement change. Most of us are too busy to listen and go on to ignore the signs without realising our body’s ‘terrain’ is becoming weaker. It is here, in the house of unbalance, we stop functioning at our optimum level and diseases within us can become opportunistic.

All too familiar is the experience of working hard for weeks on end only to become ill when you finally take a break. Or you are hit with a sudden illness just before a stressful event (my personal signs are always cold sores!). This is the imbalance showing itself; that there isn’t sufficient ‘bandwidth’ for our bodies to cope.

In my clinic, learning how my patient feels is the window into the mind and I listen closely to when and why their state of mind shifted. This information allows me to understand the true beginnings of when patterns shifted for my patient and a suitable homeopathic remedy can be matched. The beauty of homeopathy can trigger the body to heal old feelings we have held onto, irrespective of how long ago the stressful or traumatic event occurred. Once the body releases this in the mind the body can begin to heal.

So next time your body gives you ‘signs’, take the time to think about what was happening for you at the time? Were you particularly stressed or worried? Were you over indulging? By just observing you can look to address your life and take the necessary actions to live a healthier life.

If you need help with releasing negative feelings, get in touch at charnbadhanhomeopathy.co.uk , I would be happy to work through it with you to help you create balance in your mind and body.

Suffering is not holding you, you are holding suffering


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