“I feel like my joints have been bouldered in place”

A case of fibromyalgia –type pains improve with homeopathy.

A few months back I met Anna who came to see me for her fibromyalgia type pain, after having suffered for a few years she wanted some relief. We spent time discussing what was happening and what areas of her life were most affected.  She explained she experiences pain all over her body most mornings and the pain feels like her ‘joints have been bouldered into place.’ Her morning routine consisted of remaining in bed for hours at times, planning how she is going to undertake simple tasks such as get out of bed, getting dressed and brush her teeth. Anna mentioned most days it’s not uncommon for her to be ready to leave the house before 1pm.

Further discussion revealed that her sleep was extremely poor, Anna couldn’t recall the last time she woke up feeling refreshed. We both agreed how the lack of sleep is leading to the vicious cycle of low energy during the day and fatigue. Anna has a poor appetite as well as suffering from heartburn and suffers from unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual tension.  So for Anna life was pretty much a daily battle before she decided to consult me for homeopathy.

It was apparent the fibromyalgia type pain was most debilitating for Anna and I needed to help her with this first. I also noted the loss of sleep was detrimental.  During sleep our bodies work hard to recover and heal; this was simply not happening for Anna. I prescribed remedies called Arnica and Rhus Tox to help alleviate the pain and allow for better movement in the mornings. During the consultation I also noted that Anna mentioned her pains worsened following the loss of a parent a few years ago. I further prescribed a remedy called Phos Ac., a great remedy to aid deeper healing when someone experiences grief. It was my intention for the remedies to help lift Anna’s low vitality and energy levels.  I advised Anna to take the remedies for the next few weeks and I scheduled a follow up in a month. 

Month 1

I am pleased to hear that sleep has improved and Anna noticed one disturbed night in the last 2 weeks, a significant difference from waking up hourly most nights. There is better movement in her hands and she is able to get up and out of bed much quicker than before. Anna notes the appetite is still not great however the nausea and heartburn have improved. Anna is so pleased to share that she feels well enough to tend to her garden again but her premenstrual symptoms are still troubling for her.

As the Arnica and Rhus Tox have done good work here, I advise Anna to continue with these for a while. I notice a layer of fatigue has lifted and sleep is much improved, I can now see a clearer picture that now needs addressing, that of Anna’s hormones! I prescribe a remedy called Lachesis and ask to see her again in a month.

Month 2 

This month we saw significant improvement in most areas. Anna is up and about quicker most mornings, and now reports that her periods and premenstrual symptoms have reduced in intensity. There are no more crippling cramps causing her to be bed-ridden and she is now sleeping through the night most nights. Her appetite is much better and all the nauseous and acidity feelings have gone. She notes further improvement in her hands but now says she still gets a ‘constricting like’ pain, with occasional cramping. I could see a great improvement overall but I am still convinced there is more work to be done.

I advise Anna to continue with the previous remedy and also prescribe a remedy called Nux Vom to support her liver function as she continues to heal. I also see the need for a tissue salt called Mag Phos to help support her body with the cramp/constricting pains she was still experiencing. 

2 weeks later: A text from my patient:

 Hi Charn, I just wanted to let you know that I’m right in the middle of my two week hormone fest lol and so far, I haven’t had any fatigue, only a bit tired but I attribute that to the heat – nonetheless I have been able to function and haven’t spent days in bed, the pain is better, and I have only had two brief moody outbursts that I got over in minutes but no falling into the abyss from hell 😃– I am amazed! My actual period is due today but by now I would usually have been medusa for a week and unable to get out of bed! This is really good! Do you have a place where I can put a review?

No surprise to hear that both Anna and I were absolutely thrilled with her progress. Anna no longer experiences the fatigue and crippling pain she was feeling a few months ago. I hope that the recovery continues for Anna and for me, it is always a true privilege to see homeopathy at work.

Homeopathy is prescribed based upon individual symptoms someone experiences, we all experience pain in different ways so why not choose a medicine that works with your symptoms. The right remedies can stimulate your body to start healing itself. With regular monthly reviews I work with my patients to monitor the direction of progress and help move them towards better health.  If I can help you get in touch here for a chat.

“Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zones, try something different and take control of our own healing”

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