“I was sick for years Mum”

A case of Pandas, involuntary movements (tics) and related symptoms reduced with homeopathy

I recently consulted mum of an 11 year old boy, displaying and suffering with symptoms related to a condition called PANDAS.

Mum explained how her son has struggled for years with various tics, irritability with his mood, as well as issues with sleeping. There was a strong sense of fatigue for a young boy of his age which was worrying to see. He would often feel the need to lie down after school daily and was too exhausted to carry out any after school sports or even play with his friends.

It exhausts him to concentrate all the time

He was also beginning difficult to manage at times, refusing to follow instructions, moaning and generally being more snappy and short. The mornings were proving very difficult as he would often struggle to wake up and get ready for school, which was in turn having an effect on concentration levels in class. Mum explained as well all these additional challenges, it was his involuntary movement tic that was hard to watch her son go through, a tic that was described as a ‘jumping’ movement.

One month after homeopathy

I had the pleasure of catching up with mum one month later and she was very pleased to report many improvements they had seen.

Mum told me how her son has so much more energy now, he is no longer needing to lie down after school and is now going out to play.

They had noticed the involuntary movement ‘jumping tic’ had completely stopped. He is also falling asleep much faster without the need to read his book and no longer needs his nightlight on.

Mornings are so much easier and he is now much happier and smiling much more than before. Mum noticed that he seems to be taking much more responsibility for himself and his belongings. He even became aware of much better he was feeling in himself and told his mum he has so much energy now and that he had been sick for years!

“I have so much energy! I was sick for years Mum”

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