“I feel like my joints have been bouldered in place”

A case of fibromyalgia –type pains improve with homeopathy. A few months back I met Anna who came to see me for her fibromyalgia type pain, after having suffered for a few years she wanted some relief. We spent time discussing what was happening and what areas of her life were most affected.  She explained […]

Every BODY feels.

I love this artwork by @Keeley Shaw. It’s such an expressive look at how we all can feel at times. So here’s an interesting look at how every BODY feels.   How you feel is a question I will always ask my patients and it may seem such an obvious one but it is of such […]

Back To School Anxiety & How Homeopathy Can Help

With the opening of schools imminent along comes the usual dread that many of our children can face. Having dealt with this first hand with my own kids, I have learnt that back to school anxiety can show up in a variety of different ways. From tummy aches, to difficulty sleeping, going back to school […]