a specialist interest in children's health

With a special interest in children’s health I work with conditions that may be troubling your little ones.

In today’s world the health of our children is becoming increasingly taxed. 

I regularly see and work with children who present with Autism, Pandas/Pans and all the challenges these conditions can bring.  I believe that all children can be helped to reach a good level of health so they can reach their potential.

The wonderful system of homeopathy is safe to use for all ages and will often bring much needed relief to both children and their parents.

‘For so long I have had anxiety and I could never sit throughout my assembly at school. My stomach would hurt and I would feel very ill so I would ask to leave but when I took homeopathy it changed my emotions and helped me feel calm and safe therefore I could sit through the entire half an hour without feeling anxious.’

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Who is homeopathy for?

Homeopathy is a safe and natural system of medicine suitable for all ages including children.

Did you know that the human body is a self-regulating organism that is always looking to heal itself and maintain good health (homeostasis).

When we are ill our body is clever enough to show us symptoms that signal something is wrong.

Over time many of us have become used to ignoring the signals, or worse suppressing them with conventional medicine. To a homeopath those symptoms are vital clues to what your body is telling you. Your symptoms are unique to you; no-one experiences a headache in the same way.

By working with me as your homeopath I will spend time with you working out what is troubling your child the most. I then decide which homeopathic remedy is best for your child, unique to their symptoms. The remedy allows for your body to start it’s own healing process and good health becomes achievable.

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